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Need a Halloween Costume? We’ve Got You Covered!

This Halloween, why not dress up as your favourite rock god or goddess? We’ve listed a few people you could turn to for inspiration for a costume.

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Are you stuck on ideas for what you can dress up as this Halloween? This year, why not look at your favourite rock stars for help? There are some pretty obvious ones out there, but there are also some unconventional ones. You can either base your entire costume off them, or just use it as inspiration for something else! We’ve got a few ideas for you. Slipknot here is a pretty good one. You can try to recreate the mask of your favourite member, or even better – if you’ve got a massive group of friends why not go all together?

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The Cure‘s frontman, Robert Smith has a very distinct look about him. He may not be the first person to come in mind but he was one of the first to sport the whole make-up look. It’s also quite an easy look to achieve; plaster your face in white powder and ruffle your hair until it looks like a bird can nest in it.

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Here’s one for you ladies! Half-heads are becoming more and more popular these days, and New Years Day‘s frontwoman Ash Costello is known to sport a half red, half black hairstyle. Alongside the hair, she’s known for some very goth-inspired make up and clothing. Go to your local store for some temporary hair spray, and you’re halfway to getting this look down!

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