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When Musicians Become Comic Book Stars!

Remember When Eminem Teamed Up With The Punisher?

Over the years we’ve seen musicians become film stars, book writers and even release their own brand of coffee (thanks Don Brew-co!), but you may not be aware that some even end up in their very own comic books. Let’s take a look at some of the more exciting / interesting appearances…

Lana Del Rey Baroque Pop

Source: Official Promo Image

Lana Del Rey – Baroque Pop

Have you ever wanted to look at Lana Del Rey in comic book form? Well for those people who said “Yes!” to that question, it appears that dream is going to be become a reality as a whole anthology of comics based on Lana and her music are on the way – wahey!

The eighty page comic, entitled ‘Baroque Pop’, is being produced by Mario Candelaria and is, “a carefully curated selection of short form comics and illustrations celebrating love, loss, success, and change by comic creators who came together after finding mutual solace and inspiration in her music.”

The comic will be printed at 7 x  7 inches to resemble a 45 rpm vinyl and will contain stories influenced by tracks such as, ‘Summertime Sadness,’ ‘God Knows I Tried,’ and ‘Body Electric.’

Wanna get your hands on one? Go support the Kickstarter campaign here –


Eminem The Punisher

Source: Marvel

Eminem & The Punisher

Yes, this actually happened! This Marvel comic came out in 2009 just before Eminem dropped Relapse and see’s Slim have some problems at one of his shows in Detroit when The Punisher comes in and starts shooting stuff up.

Slim runs away to dodge the bullets and bumps into the stories villain Barracuda who kidnaps Slim and The Punisher with a plan to dump them off of a boat in the Arctic into ice. What Barracuda fails to realise is that the sea is frozen and that means Eminem can walk off on the ice, get a chainsaw and come back and fuck shit up!


Source: Marvel

Turns out The Punisher only came to the gig to protect Eminem as Barracuda had been sent to assassinate him on behalf of the Parents Music Council.

It all ends with Punisher shooting around the ice Slim is stood on, chucking him a satellite phone and Punisher going off to hunt down the Parents Music Council and leaving Eminem floating around on an icy circle. Crazy!


Prince Comic

Source: Pirhana Music / DC Comics

Prince – Alter Ego & The Three Chains Of Gold

If anyone ever deserved their own comic appearance, it was the legendary purple one himself.

This comic, released by Titan Books in 1991, and then later by Pirahna Music and DC Comics, see’s Prince try to stop his nemisis Gemini from driving people insane with music; a “brilliantly chaoctic sound” that makes people violent.

Prince Comic

Source: DC Comics

As expected, it all ends in a glorious rock off with Prince getting out his 6-string skills, saving the day and returning everyone to normal. What a hero!


Justin Bieber Comic

Source: Bluewater Comics

Justin Bieber – Unauthorized

This 22 page unauthorized Bieber comic by Bluewater Comics, seems to be based around the facts on his Wikipedia page. Although it contains some questionable and confusing artwork, apparently it’s all a bit bland and a bit shit. We guarantee you will find no other comic about Beiber that contains a picture of some fish riding a boat towards a volcano though! WTF!

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