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MOSH’s Ultimate Halloween Party Play-List

Here at MOSH, we LOVE Halloween! So we put together the top 25 most rocking songs for this October 31st for your your enjoyment. Hear what we picked inside.

Halloween is upon us Ladies and Ghouls, which means that soon the pumpkins shall be poured and copious amounts of the devils tasty juice will be poured down our necks… Wait, that didn’t sound quite right did it? We meant booze! So, to accompany  the costumes, the drinking and the treat guzzling, we folks here at MOSH created a playlist of the top 25 tracks that you NEED at your Halloween parties, because we all know that us rockers do 31st October better than anyone else in the world. So crank it up loud, carve a spooky face into a pumpkin and stuff all the jelly snakes you can to this spooktacularly monstrous playlist. Do it now or the puns will continue.


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