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MOSH’s Top Five Bands We Want To Return in 2016

With the start of 2016 comes fresh hopes for some musical resurrections. Here are some of the bands that we want to return this year.

Green Day

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Here at the MOSH offices, we’ve been seeing a never ending slurry of ‘New Year, New me…’ posts, resolutions being made and talk of how this year will ‘be different’. Well, let’s be honest, by about March, all that will fly out the window for most of us!

So rather than focus on how we intend to better ourselves throughout 2016 (we don’t intend to, we’re all pretty much perfect as it is!) , we picked out five bands who we want to see the return of this year. Whether separated or just suffering from long term silence, we want to see more from these hard rockin’ folks in the next twelve months. Let us know if you agree with our list and tell us the bands you’d like to see return in the comments.

Green Day

After a trio of albums that didn’t quite live up to the expectations of many and the subsequent (alcohol and drug induced) breakdown of front-man Billie Joe Armstrong live on TV, the American punk trio have had a long period of near silence, with only occasional whisperings of new music and a return to the scene. However, with the sudden release of a new song in the final days of 2015, could this be the year in which we see these three kings return to their throne? We sure hope so!

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