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Mosh Albums Of The Year – Assistant Editor Choices

2015 draws to a close, and our assistant editor Jay Hampshire weighs up the best albums from the last 12 months. But who will win the coveted number spot? Find out!

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

1. Torpor – From Nothing, Comes Everything

For anyone who’s been keeping track of my writing this year, this may seem like a foregone conclusion. “Oh he’s banging on about that there Torpor again!”, you’ll cry. I don’t care, because the (then) London/Brighton based four piece put out the album that I listened to the most this year. From the moment the opening chords of ‘From This Time’ ring out, to the very last swell of cacophonous, vibrating feedback from ‘Everything We Left Behind’, Torpor put together a record of crushing, almost unfathomable weight and, conversely, moments of lucid, blissful clarity. From the moment I first heard it, I knew they were on to something, and it propelled me on a quasi-religious pilgrimage that has seen me more-or-less stalk them throughout London, and beyond. Although they’ve undergone a line up and direction change since this was released, they have used From Nothing … as a benchmark, a stepping stone. They’ve achieved great things off the back of this release, and I fully expect them to achieve yet more in 2016. Watch this space.

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