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Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Will Make A Great Ryan Dunn In ‘I Needed Time To Stay Useless’ And Here’s Why!

Find out why we think Mastodon riffmaster Brent Hinds will make an excellent Ryan Dunn in Bam Margera’s upcoming film ‘I Needed Time To Stay Useless’.

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Mastodon wildman Brent Hinds has recently been announced as playing the part of much mourned Jackass star Ryan Dunn in Bam Margera’s upcoming film ‘I Needed Time To Stay Useless’.

Not much about Hinds’s part in the film has been confirmed, save that he will be appearing in a scripted role as Dunn, who passed away in a traffic collision back in June 2011. Margera announced the casting during a hilarious interview with Hinds in August 2014, stating that “He just did the movie ‘I Needed Time to Stay Useless.’ He’s playing Ryan Dunn and he did an awesome f—ing job”.

The film itself will be a mish mash of documentary, scripted scenes and stunts similar to Margera’s classic CKY videos. Margera has released a few teaser clips online, but no official release plans have been announced.

So in the mean time, we’ve decided to compile a list of reasons as to why we think Brent will be able to bring the spirit of Dunn to his performance. Source: Instagram

1. This Wood Carving

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Hinds likes to blow of steam between touring and recording by doing some chainsaw carving, and used the hobby to help overcome some of his side-effects from his head injuries following a scuffle after 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. But one carving in particular, appearing on Hinds’ Instagram page, showcases his childish side in true Jackass style. This unfortunately detailed ‘wood-pecker’

2. This Blooper Reel

Hinds ‘starred’ in a commercial for an Atlanta, Georgia based restaurant, Elmyr, and while the video doesn’t bode all that well for his serious acting chops, the blooper video does: We see hinds sucking at golf and yoga, and being outsmarted by a dog. Source: YouTube / Screenshot

3. This Mastodon Music Video

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Mastodon are known for having an off-beat sense of humor, and nowhere is this more evident than in their music vids, especially in the video for ‘Divinations’, taken from 2009’s Crack The Skye. Nobody but Hinds could have played this cannibal caveman who shreds it on the guitar before killing off (and eating) his band mates.

4. This Minute Of The Condensed Bret Hinds Experience

Taken from their tour documentary ‘The Workhorse Chronicles’, this 60 seconds (from 7:52 to 8:52) raises the question as to why Brent wasn’t part of the Jackass team in the first place – from giving a beer bottle a blowjob to cleaning his teeth during an interview and then riding around in (what we assume to be) a stolen golf cart, it’s abundantly clear that he is, as he puts it himself, a ‘free spirit.

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