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Mastodon Caused Controversy This Week With Their New Video, So We Count Down Our 5 Most Controversial Rock Videos Of All Time

Mastodon caused controversy last week with their new video, so we count down our 5 most controversial rock videos of all time.

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Controversy is rife in music – it always has been. Trace it back to the days of revered blues artists singing of their love for drugs, through the countless court cases for every crime under the sun – defamation, assault, substance abuse, tax evasion and even murder. Then continue to wade through the growing misogyny of the 80s hair metal bands and the outright extremism of the Norwegian black metal scene, through to today. Controversy is rife in music.

Following the release of Mastodon‘s latest music video for ‘The Motherload’ (an utterly fantastic song, FYI) we decided to count down our Top 5 controversial rock music videos. Readers of a nervous disposition may wish to look away now.

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