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Light You Up Talk New Album, Touring & More – “If You Like Our Band, You Are A Friend Not A Fan” | Interview

There’s no secret that Light You Up are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Frontman Tom Napier shared with us a little insight on the band everyone’s currently talking about.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

Earlier this year, Light You Up released their debut album All We’ve Ever Known, which has received great feedback from both music publications and fans alike. The boys have come a long way since first emerging on the scene with their EP Broken Jaw in 2012. Now they’re the band everyone is talking about and if you still don’t know who they are, all that is about to change very soon – trust us! Vocalist Tom Napier had a brief chat with us and shared about the troubles of being an unsigned band, plans for a headline tour and the unique relationship they have with listeners of the band. Find out more below:

HTF: First off, congratulations on the release of your new album All We’ve Ever Known, we rated it 5 stars! It’s been a while since you recorded it, how do you feel to finally have it out there?

Tom: Thank you! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. It’s quite a relief, if I’m honest. It took us, from the recording process to release, about 18 months to get it out to the world. For a while it looked like we weren’t going to be able to release it at all. So we’re all over the moon that it’s finally out!

HTF: A lot of the tracks on the album are about growing up. How has being in Light You Up molded you into the person you are now?

Tom: This band has definitely had a massive impact on how I am as a person. Being thrust into different cities and meeting new people all the time forces you to be really assertive. I’ve always been very social but this has made me way more of a people person. You learn a lot about yourself on the road too. Being with the same people day in day out, I’ve learnt a lot about patience and tact hahaha. Being in this band has definitely made me a more optimistic person. There’s a lot of horror in this world but through meeting people and building wonderful relationships all over the country I have realised that there is an unfaltering good that runs through people.

HTF: You’re heading out on tour with Four Year Strong soon, and coincidentally there’s a song on your new record featuring Alan Day. I’m sure fans are keen on hearing that live. Are there other songs you’re excited to deliver in a live setting?
For those coming to see you for the first time on this tour, what can they expect?

Tom: We’re really excited about this tour, aside from being the biggest shows we’ve done to date, it’s the first time we’re going to be playing some of the new songs. I’m really looking forward to playing the opening track, ‘Breathe’. It’s my favourite song on the record, I think it encompasses what we’re about perfectly. It has a very anthemic vibe to it, I’m excited to experience that in a live setting. For those who haven’t seen us play before, we love playing music. Our live show is a real opportunity to unite us in the band and those who enjoy what we do. Be ready to get involved!

HTF: Light You Up are currently signed to Ice Grill$ in Japan, which without saying probably comes with a lot of great opportunities. However, you are unsigned in the UK – does it get challenging to get your music out there, especially back home?

Tom: Totally, as I said before, there was a period in which we didn’t think we were going to be able to put the album out. We’re fortunate enough to have made some wonderful friends over the last 4 years that have been able to help us out but being unsigned is really hard. We have to finance everything ourselves, which is really tough when there’s not a great deal of return and you’ve still gotta find money for rent and food and generally staying alive. I don’t want it to come across as a sob story but it is hard. We all have other jobs outside of the band to fund our lives and to put money into Light You Up. Juggling everything gets messy at times. But ultimately, we love what we do and most of all we love everyone who supports us; it’s because of them that we are still a band and able to put music out there.

HTF: Speaking of those helping you out, your manager is actually Matt Arsenault of A Loss For Words. What are some of the things he has taught you?

Tom: Matty is like a wise older brother. He’s been in the industry for the best part of 10 years and has seen how it works. He taught us to respect and appreciate every opportunity given to us, to never take anything for granted. Before I joined Light You Up, I had always played guitar in bands, this was the first venture in which I was the frontman. He was a real good role model to have when we started out, he’s very charismatic anyway but he carries that off live almost flawlessly. Being passionate and genuine are the most important things he’s taught me as an individual.

HTF: If you could compile your dream tour lineup, who would be on it?

Tom: My dream tour… I would love to see a tour with Gallows (original line up), Enter Shikari, Architects and letlive. I’d call it the “putting the integrity back into music” tour. And if it’s my dream tour, Light You Up might as well be on the bill too haha!

HTF: What are some bands/ artists you are currently listening to?

Tom: I’m stupidly late in the bandwagon, but I just got into The 1975’s last record, loving that right now. Enter Shikari put out an album at the beginning of the year that really blew me away, the songs on that record are really something else. Ed Sheeran as well, I’ve a lot of time for that dude.

HTF: What are some goals you would like to achieve this year?

Tom: We’re looking at doing our first ever headline tour this year. I would really love for that to become a reality. We’re not a big bang by any stretch of the imagination but I’d like to be able to play a longer set, where we can play a lot, if not all, of our songs. It would be a massive celebration for us and everyone that likes our band.

HTF: Anything else you would like to add?

Tom: If you like our band, in any way shape or form, you are a friend not a fan. We don’t want to be put on pedestals and thought of as these “untouchable guys in a band”. We’re five normal guys just doing what we love, if you love it too then that’s awesome.
We have such an amazing relationship with so many people up and down the country that like what we do. It’s important to me that they all know how much their support is appreciated. Without them we’d be nowhere.

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