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Kanye For President? F**K THAT! Here’s A Few Better Options!

Kanye West has declared he’s running for President in 2020 so we picked our top 5 choices for somebody a little more Rock & Roll to take that place.

Kanye West

Source: Promo

So, it would appear that the self proclaimed ‘greatest living rock star’ (yeah, we’ve only just stopped laughing at that statement too), the one and only Kanye West, has announced that he’s going to run for Presidency of the USA in 2020. As much as even Kanye seems like a better alternative to some other candidates (*cough* Donald Trump *cough*), here at MOSH, we decided to come up with five better alternatives from the world of Rock. Let’s see if you agree.

Bring Me The Horizon

Source: Graham Berry

Oli Sykes- Bring Me The Horizon

To kick off our list, our first vote would be with the BMTH front-man himself. Why? Well, for a start, Mr. Sykes was a millionaire before he’d even finished his teens, with his cheerfully named ‘Drop Dead‘ clothing line. So, we know he has some serious business skill, so maybe he could sell enough ironic t-shirts and snapbacks to end the world’s economic recession? Plus, his appearance in the Drown’ video proved that he is more than capable of rocking a suit.

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