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JME Is A Genius! We Check Out His Best Lyrical Moments!

“I get withdrawal symptoms from Barclays bank”

Source: Promo

JME is about to drop his brand new album Integrity> so to help build the hype we thought we would look back at some of his finest moment so far. As one of the best lyricists in Grime music, we compiled a list of some of his most genius, witty and just plain brilliant lines. If you don’t know JME by now you soon will!

“If you don’t know my voice by now then rudeboy check out the face
If you don’t know my voice by now then rudeboy check out the face, rack up the plays
Don’t act like you don’t know Big Narstie said don’t fuck up the base”

Intergity > drops May 4th! Pre-order your copy now –

“I get withdrawal symptoms from Barclays bank”

“They say you only use 10% of your brain, well I use six
If I was to use 10% man would start levitating shit”

“Even when I work with an acoustic artist, I can never be whack
Everybody totally loved mine & Ed Sheeran’s track
Maybe because GINGER is an anagram of BLACK”

“Your new fans come like tans, they only wanna bred man’s skin after man got hot”

“Two of the mandem got beef?
Like I’m driving a manual downhill, I’m neutral”

“Don’t follow nobody coz I’m leading
Thought I didn’t want beef coz I’m vegan????

“Your ego won’t fit through the door
But your whole vocabulary will fit in one tweet

Your not a badman cause you robbed someone fam
You’re just poor and brave!”

“If you don’t like G-R-I-M-E, then you’ve got no taste like vegan cheese”

“Pub man ting, widda Stella
Left hook, top lip sweller
Wobbly tooth, bare Bonjela”

“My lyrics are so detailed as if I made them with a lens and an aperture”

“Right about now, you’re heads so big
You get charged more for you’re trim, SAFE!”

“How much work I put in, no wonder
Teenage unemployment is so high”

“The only day that I don’t put in work is the 30th of February”

“All the shit you do I’ve done but I ain’t touched alcohol in a while
I used to blaze, turned 21 then I dropped the munk out just like Jahmaal (what)
I moved on and I dropped smokey out, just like Jamal

(In case you don’t get that one, SBTV used to called Smokey Barz. Now you get it!)

“Common sense needs to be renamed because nowadays it’s rare”

I love music so much I actually want to eat the tune, So I spit bars on the beat like flies do to dissolve their food

No quote needed! An entire song with every line ending in “over” – Mind blown!

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