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“It’s Definitely The End of a Chapter For Us” | Sleeping With Sirens Leeds Festival Interview

We sat down with Sleeping With Sirens after their set at Leeds Festival to chat all about touring, stripped-down sets, and a potential move into disco.

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Sleeping With Sirens have had a busy year. The band have been on the road for most of 2016, playing the infamous summer Warped Tour, Reading and Leeds Festivals, and a few acoustic shows here and there. We sat down with vocalist Kellin Quinn and guitarists Jack Fowler and Nick Martin after their set at Leeds Festival to chat all about touring, stripped-down sets, and a potential move into disco. Intrigued? Look no further.

MOSH: Welcome to Leeds Festival! How’s your day going so far?

Nick Martin: It’s been very busy!

Kellin Quinn: My day’s good now because I’m eating a burrito. [laughs]

NM: it’s been a lot of fun, we’re excited to watch a bunch of bands later on.

MOSH: Who are you excited to see?

NM: I’m excited to see The 1975, and I want to see Good Charlotte!

Jack Fowler: They play at the same time!

NM: I know, going to do half and half. I’d like to see Fall Out Boy because I’ve actually never seen them but I’ve always been a fan. So it’d be my first time, I’m going to pop my cherry today for Fall Out Boy. I’ve heard great things so I’m very very excited.

MOSH: You guys played an acoustic show with State Champs yesterday at Union Chapel, how was that?

NM: It was incredible.

KQ: Amazing, I had my voice yesterday.

NM: It was an experience, I’ve never played a show in a church ever and I had a lot of fun. The funniest thing about the show yesterday was when we tell them to get up they had to stand up but then as soon as the song was over they’d just sit back down.

But they were responsive, they were singing loud, and we had a really good time. We hadn’t played that set in like 8 months so I feel like everyone was a little bit nervous but after the first song or two we all just felt good.

MOSH: How do you find that your fans react to these more intimate acoustic shows?

NM: The reaction’s amazing. I mean it’s definitely a different side of us. The plus-side of yesterday was that we’ve been on Warped Tour all summer just playing festivals and intense live shows and it was nice to have a little break from that and do something a bit more intimate. The kids have a great reaction to those type of concerts and we love the intimacy of it and everything being stripped down to the core of just us. It’s a lot of fun.

MOSH: Do you find it’s easy to translate your music to acoustic stages?

KQ: Oh yeah, it’s all good.

NM: Yeah, I love playing acoustic songs!

JF: There were a few songs when we were working it out in San Diego that we thought “Well maybe we shouldn’t do this song acoustic” but it translates for the most part I think really well. It’s a lot of fun.

MOSH: You recently released ‘Live and Unplugged,’  which is a live recording of another acoustic show you did in the US. Are these stripped back versions of tracks something you try to incorporate into normal show sets?

NM: The show we played last night in London was the same exact set that we played in the US, we just played our CD front to back, it was awesome.

We usually do incorporate acoustic tracks into our sets, I mean there’s a part in the set where we’ll strip down for a bit and do acoustic songs. It’d be nice to do a little more here and there.

KQ: I don’t really ever strip down, I feel like I keep my clothes on.

MOSH: So you guys are touring with State Champs, Tonight Alive and Waterparks in ‘The End of Madness’ tour this November, are you excited for that?

KQ: No. I actually would rather do any other tour than that one but, you know, you can’t always get what you want so I guess we’ll just deal with it.

JF: But what he means to say is we’re all very excited!

KQ: Of course we’re excited.

JF: We love everyone on that tour. We know everyone and we’re all very close to all the bands—we’ve toured with them before— and it’s been awesome with them on Warped Tour so it’s going to be a good time.

MOSH: Just going by the name of the tour ‘The End of Madness’ tour, is November a way of you rounding off the era of that album and maybe preparing fans for new music?

KQ: You never know…

NM: Absolutely, yeah there’s some puns in there I guess. It’s definitely the end of a cycle, not even a cycle, but a chapter for us. It’s a good way to end the year and start fresh.

KQ: I wanted to call it the “Go Go Go-Gurt” tour and have it be sponsored by Go-Gurt.

JF: I wanted it to be called the Hoo-Tour sponsored by Hooters but you guys didn’t want that either.

MOSH: Speaking of your album ‘Madness’, the record is obviously very eclectic in terms of influences, and is very different to the music you’ve released previously. What can you tell me about these influences, how have they changed since you started the band?

NM: We all listen to a lot of different types of music and I guess that shines through a bit more as we get older. We’re not gonna write massive breakdowns for the rest of our lives!

KQ: We’ve been listening to a lot of disco lately so it’ll be interesting to see what our new record sounds like. We’re gonna start wearing long, flowy t-shirts and gold pants I think.

JF: And gold bell bottoms, platform boots, and roller skates. Let’s start wearing roller skates.

MOSH: Are you saying you’re going to go disco?

NM: You never know!

JF: But probably not. We’re gonna start playing your local roller skating rink and just playing some disco tracks.

KQ: That’s my goal for our new record.

MOSH: So are you guys planning on playing around with genres more in your new record?

NM: I don’t think it’s something that we like consciously are going for, it’s not like “Let’s write this kind of genre”.

JF: We just write what we feel sounds good. We don’t ever go “Hey, we should write a song that sounds like this or a song that sounds like this” we just write to write. Everyone in the band has their own thing that they listen to and that all comes together perfectly.

MOSH: What’s your writing process like?

KQ: It kind of depends really. Sometimes it starts with vocals, sometimes it starts with music. There’s no formula really it’s just whatever.

NM: It’s not important for us to have a set way to do things. It’s nice to have different formulas and different ways to go about writing songs together. A lot of the time it starts with Kellin and some melodies and some ideas and then we’ll come together with some guitars. Or sometimes we’ll start with a guitar riff,—it’s always something different and that’s kinda the beauty of what we do.

MOSH: Other than your November tour, what does the rest of 2016 hold for you?

JF: We’re just gonna go home, decompress, not be on tour, lay in our beds, and sweat it out for like a week and relax.

NM: Yeah, we need to decompress for a bit and then start focussing on some more writing. We just want to hang out with our families and have some home time for a bit. And then back out in the fall and more stuff next year.

MOSH: Lastly, if you guys could tour with anyone playing Reading and Leeds this weekend who would that be and why?

KQ: Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

NM: Alright I mean, I love Fall Out Boy so it’d be a lot of fun to tour with them I think. They’re a great band.

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