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Lollino – The Most Passionate DJ In The Business | Interview

Watch out Techno; a new superstar has been born, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Lollino is the next DJ to watch out for!

Lollino @ Burn Residency Boat Party. Source: Official PR

We first saw Lollino back in Ibiza for the Burn Residency ‘Float Your Boat’ boat party where Lollino, still in the final 3 of the Burn Residency competition at the time, which he later went on to win, where he delivered an incredible set full of Panache, fire, and passion. It was one of the best sets we’d heard, ever!

It’s 16:00, and an excited Lollino calls in on Skype to tell me about HYTE the night before at ADE in Amsterdam.

Lollino: Ciao! Hello, hello! I’m in Amsterdam and WOW! It’s incredible after the big night. I played at an amazing festival, ADE in Amsterdam, the most important festival in Europe with Speedy J, Robert Hood, the Father of Techno, and I opened an incredible night with a lot of people. It’s a real underground night, I couldn’t believe I was actually playing there!

I also just found out that I’ve been booked to play alongside superstar legends such as Carl Cox in Berlin for HYTE on New Years Eve!

Lollino’s career has escalated quickly since he won the Burn Residency competition, but the acme so far has been when he was asked to be a part of the infamous Techno night, HYTE and join the crew.

Lollino: Thanks to the victory of Burn Residency, I met with the big boss of HYTE. They spoke with me about my music, and my style is perfect for them. They spoke to Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos(my favourite DJ) and others about what they think of me, then they asked me if I wanted to join and I said What?! You’re asking me if I want to join you? of course I want to! This new venture with HYTE is the best surprise for me.

HYTE hasn’t just been the only thing to have changed in Lollino’s life since he won the Burn Residency.

Lollino: Thanks to the victory of Burn, more people know me. Burn have supported me a lot with advice on the internet, communication and Facebook. Things have become easier for me as a result. All my dreams are now coming true. The real work starts now. I want to run with this opportunity and do my best every day.

My last gig in Ibiza was in Amnesia, during HYTE closing, and was the first real big surprise for me because I didn’t expect to play. It’s been the perfect club for me since I was young, and it was fantastic.

After I arrived back in Italy, all the people of my hometown came to see me and wanted to congratulate me like a real superstar. This makes me so happy!

Lollino has been a DJ for over ten years, but things have changed more in the past four months than the previous five years alone. He says the real work starts now.

Lollino: My life has totally changed, and become like a tornado. Every day I have a lot of people that want to speak to me, a lot of interviews, a lot of gigs. I don’t have time for anything else but for me it’s perfect, because all my life I’ve dreamed to live every day for the music, 24 hours as my life and career. Before the Burn victory, I had loads of free time, but it is now gone, and is much better. I now look forward to living this mode for the rest of my life. I’m trying to improve my English every day since I started before coming to Ibiza, and now I look forward to moving forwards.

Last night I only slept for 4 hours, because my energy and passion keeps me going. I don’t want to sleep, I just look forward to the next party. I’m like a child at Christmas. I can sleep when I’m old!

During the Burn Residency, DJs such as Carl Cox, Dubfire, and Philipp Straub mentored Lollino.

Lollino: I owe a lot to all the DJs, particularly Philipp Straub. He has been incredible for me and we chat every day. He is a good friend, along with John Digweed, Luciano, Dubfire and Carl Cox. They all speak with me a lot of hours and thanks to them, I have improved myself more in 4 months than 5 years in my normal life and wow, I really enjoy it. They are not only inspirational as professional DJs, but they are good people, with a lot of passion. I can see the haze of Carl Cox, the passion…the legend, and when you speak to him you can feel the passion from him.

The best advice they had for me was don’t lose the passion. When you don’t have the passion, your job and life are over. It’s not an easy job, and if you don’t stay focused or lose the passion, you can’t survive this world. It’s not a question of just putting your music in the cloud. You don’t sleep much, you travel a lot, it’s all strange and if you don’t stay focused every day, it’s impossible to become a real professional DJ. Concentrate, clear yourself; your mind and you’ll become the best.

One of the things most noticeable about Lollino’s sets is how infectious his passion is. The energy he omits is insurmountable and the crowd party into a frenzy, every time.

Lollino: I used to play music for myself, but now I love to share it. When I play, I love to jump and dance, because I can’t stand still. Music is the perfect medium to display my energy, and the crowd catch it and share this energy. I feel like I have a real connection with the dance-floor. I feel like a music conductor with a baton when I play, conducting the crowd.

I have always played vinyl, and it is my real characteristic. Last night on stage, in my room I was the only DJ playing with vinyl. I love touching my music. The computer doesn’t belong in the club for me, as I love to see the face of the people in front of me; it’s like making love with them through music. If I use the computer, this is impossible, and the sound is better. I also don’t remember the names of songs sometimes, but with Vinyl it is easier as I recognise the cover art.

We had to stop talking because the conversation could have run for hours. Lollino is a DJ to watch out for and if you ever can, meet him. I felt the passion igniting in myself and went on to pump out a mix at the fullest of volumes, much to my neighbour’s dismay, but I didn’t care. Lollino’s personality shone like a thousand stars, burning brightly in the Techno world. Get excited, because Techno has a new superstar: Lollino.

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