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In Hearts Wake – “One of my favourite bands has always been Coldplay” | Interview

We caught up with In Hearts Wake’s Ben Nairne, and chatted about Skydancer, Download and Coldplay.

Source: Press Image

Source: Press Image

In the wake (no pun intended) of their next massive release Skydancer, as well as gearing up for a very busy summer, we managed to catch up with Ben Nairne, guitarist for Australian metalcore band In Hearts Wake . We talked Skydancer, upcoming plans, and most importantly the messages they want to send out to the world.

MOSH: Skydancer was part of a two album project you guys had going on, the first of which Earthwalker came out a year ago. How difficult was it to keep these other tracks under wraps for so long?

B: We knew that if we kept it a secret it would pay off so it wasn’t too hard keeping it under wraps to the general public but keeping it a secret from our friends was really hard. When we were playing shows or touring with our friends the topic of recording and new material would always come up and we would just have to say that we hadn’t started writing anything new yet and that we were just focussing on tour for the moment.

MOSH: Now that such an epic project has concluded, do you feel like a lot of weight has been lifted from your shoulders? Or are you already moving head first into your next project?

B: There is definitely a huge weight lifted off all of our shoulders and now that the release week has passed we can all focus on get ready for tour and just enjoying some down time at home. There’s always something that we’re working on as far as song writing goes so I guess you could say the next project has begun for us.

MOSH: Both Earthwalker and Skywalker have very big messages around them, namely looking after the planet and in the track ‘Erase’, issues on race. Do you feel that your music is the most effective way for you to express these issues?

B: I feel that music is the best platform to spread a message from so why not give people something to think about and share a message that you’re passionate about. We don’t want to force our message upon other people but rather put it out there for people to listen and take on board if they choose to.

MOSH: What is the MAIN issue we face in today’s world that you would like to outline more?

B: We really want to focus on the localisation of produce and culture within communities rather than taking everything to the global level just so big companies can make even more money. We recently ran a charity auction and donated the proceeds to a non-profit organisation that goes by the name of Local Futures and we’d really like to work more with them in the coming years.

MOSH: You essentially come from a very prestigious part of Australia for metalcore music. Why do you think a number of fantastic bands come from Byron Bay and the surrounding area?

B: I think it’s because we have such a good hardcore community in Byron Bay and have for years. People see how much everyone enjoys going to shows and hanging with their friends at Byron shows and they just want to be a part of it!

MOSH: Recently you participated in an AMA for the sub-Reddie /r/metalcore. How important are these message boards for you as a band to spread your music and start gaining recognition?

B: It’s really important for us because we get to answer so many questions that people might not have been able to as us otherwise. It helps us spread the message and gives people a better understanding of what we are about all while letting us connect with our fans on a more intimate level.

MOSH: Do you feel these areas are underutilised by bands?

B: I’m not very up to date with when these kind of things are happening and who’s doing them but it all depends on what message the band is trying spread and if they want people to be more involved in that. A lot of bands might not have one particular message to spread or might not even have anything they are behind so they would just end up answering a lot of silly questions haha!

MOSH: Download Festival is rapidly approaching, how excited are you to be part of Britain’s biggest rock festival? Also, this may be a cheeky question, but is there much chance of catching ‘Departure’ live, as seeing as Winston is performing on the same day as you guys? Or do you not wanting to divulge such surprises yet?

B: It’s a festival that we have wanted to play for many years now and have grown up seeing photos and watching videos of some of our favourite bands playing Download so we are beyond excited to be playing on that stage amongst some of the greats! I honestly haven’t even thought about if we are even playing that song let alone if Winston would jump up and do the guest spot, although it would be pretty awesome.

MOSH: Do any of you guys take any inspiration from other genres if so which ones and who would be your favourite non-metalcore band be at the moment?

B: We all listen to an array of different genres on a daily basis and that’s where we draw most of our inspiration from. One of my favourite bands has always been Coldplay, I watched them play in Byron Bay 13 years ago and have seen them again since then and they are just an amazing live band.

MOSH: What are your plans moving forwards? Are you going to try and tour the new album as much as possible?

B: We are starting the Skydancer touring cycle off with an Australian headliner which starts in just a few weeks and then we are hoping to do a lot of international touring in the second half of the year which is really exciting for us.

Don’t forget to check out In Hearts Wake at this year’s Download Festival on Saturday 13th June.

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