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If We Had An Instagram For Music | Musical Filters To Make Your Songs Rule

Mosh imagines what it would be like to have Instagram for music. Check out what would be our most used band filters here! (Hint: they are emo).

Music filters

Source: Our imagination

Do you ever take a moment to stop and think about what it would be like if we had Instagram for music? Well, we do.

You always hear people going on about how Instagram filters make normal, everyday life look better and more exciting (it honestly doesn’t. What is mundane is still mundane with filters, but we all use them anyway), so imagine if musicians (or amateur musicians) had an app to make their music sound better!

Just like we have various coloured/B&W filters for our selfies, food pictures and animal snaps, we’d have built-in musical filters—these musical flourishes could range from nasally Britney-style pop to 80s Warrant-esque glam metal.

You’re a new band with a rough demo with some shitty, bedroom-style production, so you decide to add one of the many filters on this (untitled) app. One Foo Fighters filter later, and BAM, you have an alt-rock smash hit!

All you would have to do is upload your music to this app and add the filter of your choice; the emo My Chemical Romance filter, the high-voiced Sleeping With Sirens post-hardcore filter, the 90s pop punk blink-182 filter and so on…

You can add the sounds and vibes of your favourite bands without being called “generic”. I mean, no one on Instagram ever gets criticised for using the same filter as someone else! You just think, “Oh, they used (whatever) filter”. It can be that way for musicians too. Music without all the, “you’re trying to be (insert band name here)!” nonsense.

Some of Mosh’s most used filters would be…

  • The “everyday is summer, and I love my friends” modern pop punk filter – Sure-fire way to make even the oldest of musicians sound like an angsty teenager again.
  • The breakdown-heavy A Day To Remember filter – Can turn any song into one to disrespect your surroundings to.
  • The layered-vocal/duet filled Taking Back Sunday filter – Adds an extra person in the track singing completely different lyrics to you (in the most epic way, of course).

Side note: Can we all just talk about how hard it is to sing every single line in a TBS song? From now on I think I’ll record myself singing one part and then just sing over it so I have that same baller ass depth!

  • The emotional, heart-breaking Mayday Parade filter – Guaranteed to turn any track into a sad, gut-wrenching ballad.
  • The distorted grunge Nirvana filter – To make all your tunes sound raw and rad.

This musical Instagram would be an amazing idea, but sadly, this all was only wishful thinking…

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