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A Gift Guide For A One Direction Fan

Ladies and gents, we’re pleased to announce that us lot at HTF HQ have compiled a gift guide for the ultimate One Direction fan or better known as Directioners. Check it out here.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

Ladies and gents, we’re pleased to announce that us lot at HTF HQ have compiled a gift guide for the ultimate One Direction fan or better known as Directioners. So girls take a peek to make sure you haven’t forgotten to purchase anything and gents if your lady is a 1D fan, now you have no excuse for not buying an appropriate gift.

One Direction Our Moment

Source: Debenhams

For those looking to smell as sweet as the boys, why not invest in the Our Moment eau de parfum? A combination of femininity and florals, not only is the buy sure to keep you smelling fresh all day long, but it’s also ideal for subtly showing you’re not-so-secret love affair with Britain’s favourite boy band. You can buy the parfume from Debenhams for an affordable £21.00.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

The best way to start one’s morning is to welcome each day with a great big smile! Get your day started by making sure that your pearly whites shine with this 1D toothbrush; oh and did we forget to mention that this is no ordinary toothbrush – it plays music as well! So while you’re brushing, you will also be jamming to ‘Live while we’re young’ . You can order your toothbrush via for only  £8.45.
[divider] Source: One Direction Store

Okay, so despite the fact that we are now moving towards warmer and sunny days; there is a chance of the occasional chilly evening where you might find yourself staying in and being the Directioner that you are watching the 1D movie. So then why not snuggle up in your 1D Onesie available from for  £74.99 and comes in two colour options, either grey & red or red & white.
[divider] Source: Fresh Tops

With the change of season, we welcome the warmer days with music festivals and a whole lot of soaking up the sun. Show your support and dedication this summer, by rocking out in an infinity crop top from for $27.

Source: Claire's

Source: Claire’s

Lastly, we are all aware of just how charming the 1D lads are. Keep them close to your heart and close to you at all times with a charm bracelet from Claire’s for  £3. We’re sure every time you look down on your wrist, you’ll be able to imagine them serenading you [sigh].

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