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Friday Film Club – It’s Bobby Baby!

Bobby Bowfinger is your companion for tonight.

Friday Film Club! Here again as always to give you that insight into the best films on TV. This is the end of the week. This is the relax and do nothing after work. This is the escape. If you’ve had that hard a time at work this week that you just want to murder every one then Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo (2007) is on Channel 5 at 10pm.

If you still have a bit of cognitive brain flow then what better than a happy jaunt into the life of someone that has it worse than you? Steve Martin is the obvious first choice for pitying in his Hollywood parody ‘Bowfinger’ ITV4 9pm. We all like to have a laugh at others expense and no one is more expensive than the Jerk.

Martin plays the titular Bobby Bowfinger. A Z-list movie producer struggling to get his films off the ground. He gets his chance when a Hollywood big wig agrees to accept his next production if he can get hot action star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) as the lead. Ramsey says no. Undeterred, Bowfinger plots a con to put Ramsey in the film without him even knowing. Hilarity ensues.

Bowfinger is a perfect Martin comedy. It has all the well known innocence and naivety expected combined with the energy and insanity that fans of the actor have come to love. It’s one of those films that one can just watch. If the thinking jokes go over your head, then there is slapstick. If the slapstick is to low brow for you then there is satire. A proper old fashioned comedy for everyone to enjoy.

Do you have any experience in motion pictures?” “I’m an active renter at Blockbuster

Bowfinger ITV4 9pm Tonight

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