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Fearless Vampire Killers – “It’s got everything you need – like that slop they eat on the spaceship in The Matrix!” | Camden Rocks Interview

We caught up with Fearless Vampire Killers ahead of their performance at Camden Rocks this year, and chatted about all sorts – including superhero theme tunes and Hollywood movies! Read the full interview right here!

Fearless Vampire Killers

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We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Laurence Beveridge and bassist Drew Woolnough of Fearless Vampire Killers before they hit the stage at this year’s Camden Rocks Festival to talk about new music, touring Europe and whether they have enough sass to rival Zoolander…

MOSH: Today marks your second year in a row at Camden Rocks – how are you guys feeling to be back?

D: Pretty good! Last year was really fun. We played The Underworld, strangely, just after The Blackout! That was really weird.

L: That didn’t make any sense

D: We were like, “What’s going on?!”

L: I think it was because they had to be somewhere… But yeah, it’s good to be back because we basically end up playing to people who have absolutely no idea who we are. Most of our fans can’t get in, because it’s 18 plus…

D: Shit yeah, I forgot about that!

L: We’ve got a lot of fans that are over 18, more now than we’ve ever had, but still, this is gonna be a lot different!

D: We’ve got the girls coming who always start the mosh pits. It’s quite interesting, because at a lot of the gigs we play to our fan base, because they’re younger I guess, there’s not always loads of energy.

L: There are often boys there, but they don’t know how to do it. But then whenever we play gigs, this girl – let’s call her the mosh pit commander -, she always gets it going.

D: Yeah, it’s great. That’s what happened last year at Camden Rocks, I’m pretty sure she got it going because it was mad last year and we were like, “Shit, everyone’s killing each other in there! Great!” It was awesome, that made the gig for me.

MOSH: You guys have just finished your Unbreakable Hearts tour, so how was it to finally tour with that album after all the work that went into releasing it?

D: Yeah, it was nice. It was a shame we couldn’t play more songs off it, I think. We got to play some songs that you wouldn’t play at every show though, the piano-y songs like ‘Brave the Night’ and ‘City Falls to Dust’. But yeah, it was really nice, and it’s a nice journey that album’s been on because it almost died and went nowhere, and the fact that people like it, bought it and then came to the tour and like those songs – and forgave us for not playing all the old songs! It’s gotten to that point, especially because it’s a 16-track album, where we have lots of songs and we have to really whittle it down. It’s getting quite hard now! So the fact that they still enjoyed it – and forgave us for not playing an album track from five years ago! – was good.

MOSH: And you’re reuniting with Annisokay for a European tour at the end of the year – how much are you looking forward to heading back out to Europe?

D: I’d say 8 out of 10.

L: We’re really looking forward to going to a place that’s not been announced yet…

D: It has been announced now I think – hasn’t it? The ‘P’ word?

L: I don’t know if it has been announced… who cares?!

D: Well, we might be going back to ‘that place’, so that’s exciting. That was really fun last time, it was one of our favourite cities.

L: I like Germany, but it’s a lot like England, driving through it, the way people are…

D: There’s a bit more desolation. In a very nice way – it’s lovely desolation!

L: I don’t know what to expect, because we’ve only been playing to thousands of people out there [tours with Black Veil Brides and In This Moment] so I don’t know what it’s going to be like playing to hundreds. It’ll be different.

MOSH: So, you’ve just done your headline tour, you’ve got a bunch of summer festivals coming up, and you’re heading out to Europe – are you ever going to take a break, or is there even more for fans to expect from 2015?

D: I hope we don’t take a break! Breaks are horrible!

L: We really want to be on tour a lot more. But we will be releasing more music before the end of the year!

D: Yeah, we recorded quite a few tracks last year after we thought the second album wasn’t coming out. They were meant to be demos, but we did them to the quality of our other album, so they are releasable. And they’re probably some of the best songs we’ve written, in our opinion. So yeah, new music hopefully this year, and then we want to be touring, writing more songs for an album properly… But yeah, there are lots of little factors to get in, aren’t there?

L: Yeah. I want to tour America again!

MOSH: It’s been a while since you guys have been to America, hasn’t it?

L: Yeah, 2013. It’s been quite a long time.

D: And the difficult thing is that it was slightly premature, maybe? Amazing experience and opportunity, but we didn’t really have the infrastructure or the money in place so we felt the burn of that for a long time. But it was amazing, one of the best experiences we’ve ever had as a band, the first time we really got to see America…

L: Well, we’d been before, we recorded the album there…

D: Oh yeah, of course! But the first time we really got a taste of it. Like, getting to go to New York – I love New York, I love that kind of East Coast style. Luke’s very much a West Coast LA man…

L: I just love the Wild West and all the mountains, like Arizona and Utah.

D: So that would be amazing, yeah.

MOSH: Great! So, this is the first time Hit the Floor/MOSH has interviewed you since the release of Unbreakable Hearts, so if it’s alright we’re going to play a little game with the album. I’m going to give you a scenario, and you guys pick a song from the album that fits it best. Got it? So let’s start with a pretty simple one – favourite song from the album to play live?

D: I think at the moment it’s ‘Say What You Want From Me (The Ghost You Left Behind)

L: Yeah, ‘Say What You Want From Me’. It doesn’t have any emotional strain for me, because I play guitar on it.

D: You can just have a bit of a groove. It’s got a bit of funk to it, a bit of metal to it… It’s fun.

L: It’s got everything you need – like that slop they eat on the spaceship in The Matrix!

D: Yes!

MOSH: Which song would you choose to be your superhero theme song? Let’s say you’re Iron Man, you get tired of listening to AC/DC and you want a song from Unbreakable Hearts instead, which one would you pick?

D: Luke’s put this in my head, but it’s ‘Remember My Name’ because he always says when it kicks in the chorus and it’s got all the strings, basically he thinks that Spider-Man’s gonna be swinging through the buildings… It adds a certain epic-ness to it.

L: The superhero could be called Rememberminame. Super Rememberminame. And then it would sound like you were singing the name…

D: Yeah! And he’s very good at retaining information.

MOSH: The song you would blast from the car stereo with the windows down on a summer’s day?

L:Dream of You’, or ‘In Wondrous Rage’.

D: When you said car blasting, I thought of the programming in ‘Taste the Iron on Your Lips’, you could really kind of roll up, like in a really wussy gangster way.

L: If you want a wispy song, it’s ‘Dream of You’. If you want a party song, it’s ‘In Wondrous Rage’. If you want a weird gangster song, it’s ‘Taste the Iron on Your Lips’.

D: It’s so gangster…

MOSH: So, Hollywood has decided to make a movie about Fearless Vampire Killers – obviously, why wouldn’t they?

D: Naturally. I assume they are.

MOSH: It’s probably already in the making. So, with that in mind, which song do you pick for the movie trailer?

D: Hmm, what would it be? What songs are on the album?!

MOSH: You’ve got sixteen to choose from guys!

D: Oh, ‘Lucifer’s Shroud’, because it’s like a teaser trailer. If it’s for the commercial trailer, that’d probably be ‘Neon in the Dance Halls’ because that’s the single, it’s the pop one, everyone remembers that song. But if the first trailer is teaser-tastic, like the Star Wars teaser trailer, a ‘let’s get them in with this atmospheric sort of thing’, then yeah, ‘Lucifer’s Shroud’.

MOSH: The song that you would perform as a drunken karaoke classic?

L:Maeby’. It’s got the easiest of choruses to sing when you’re drunk!

D: Because then you can do the crappy backing vocals, so you could do that as a duet! [they then each demonstrate their own versions of a drunken ‘Maeby’ chorus, both of which are hilarious]

MOSH: Okay, last one – best song to have a Zoolander-style ‘walk-off’ to?

D: I like that question! You need a bit of sass for a walk-off. What are the sassy songs?

L: Oh God, this one’s hard…

D: Maybe ‘Batten Down the Hatches’?

L: No, it’s not sassy enough… ‘Turn Your Heaven to a Tomb?’ The verse is a bit sassy.

D:Edge of Eternity’!

L: Oh yeah, ‘Edge of Eternity’!

D:Edge of Eternity’, because then you could be like… [at this point, Drew shows off some killer sassy dance moves at the table] That’s got a bit of funk to it! And you could move like that, yeah.

MOSH: I feel like you’re picturing yourself in this scenario quite seriously!

D: I can see it! You know, I’ve got Magnum nailed. Not even just Blue Steel, but Magnum!

You can catch Fearless Vampire Killers at Download Festival this year, and also at their Download warm-up show in Tubridge Wells on June 10th! Find all the info on tickets and dates here.

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