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Everything You Need To Know About The New Leona Lewis Songs From Her Secret Album Showcase

New Leona Lewis material is on the way and we’ve heard it!

Source: Press Photo

Yesterday (April 14th) in Covent Garden, London, 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis did a very exclusive album showcase where press, her friends and family and 10 competition winners got to hear her perform five brand new, unheard songs that will feature on her fifth studio album to be released later this year.

Fortunately for us, we were there!

Our phones were taken off of us before we went into the room but we’ll do our best to describe the tracks for you.

With a full live band for each song, Leona opened her showcase with track ‘I Am‘ (which fans are predicting may also be the album title). The song is a mid-tempo number with powerful vocals and personal lyrics. Following this she performed ‘I Got You‘ which, not to be confused with her 2009 single of the same name, is a completely new song. Both of the first two tracks seemed to have a slightly similar vibe to each other. Sounding quite personal, yet still retaining an air of mystery, they sounded like they could have been a part of her Glassheart album.

In one of the few speeches of the night, Leona explained what the next two songs were about. The track ‘Ladders‘ she wrote when she was feeling down and she used the inspiration of her lowest points to create the song. It’s about getting back on top of yourself. ‘Ladders’ was one of the more up-tempo songs of the evening and, from my memory, it seemed to have a bit of a funky beat.

The big ballad of the showcase was ‘Thank You‘ which she explained is a thank you to her parents, who were in the audience. It’s a reflective song about how they have always been there for her and how she knows they always will be. ‘Thank You’ sounds like it could be one of Leona’s best ballads yet and is in the same lane as her hit single ‘Happy‘ and her Oasis cover of ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out‘. The ballad may not be as ‘big’ as those tracks, but it’s lyrics touch you in the same way due to its relatable topic.

Before the end, Leona thanked everyone for attending and gave a special speech about new label Island Records who she said have been really supportive of her for this new album. This is when she announced she would be ending with her new lead single ‘Fire (Under My Feet)‘ which is a smash hit waiting to happen. She played parts of the song on the piano and got the crowd going. It’s an up-tempo and empowering song that sounds like something producer/song-writer Ryan Tedder could be responsible for. The song sounds like an instant smash that radio are going to love.

Collectively, all five songs performed give the impression Leona’s new album is about strength and positivity; its theme is “empowerment”. All the new tracks still sound like Leona has in the past but an improved version and with more creative control. Since this is her first album away from Simon Cowell‘s label ‘Syco‘ so it’s no wonder these songs are a lot better than some of her previous music. She’s in charge of it all now.

No album title or release dates were given but the songs all sound really promising. This new album could see the return of Leona Lewis back on top!

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