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Every Time I Die Release A New Song Which Leaves Us Restless For Their New Album

Every Time I Die will bring you to life or at least leave you ears burning with their new song ‘Glitches’.

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

Every Time I Die will bring you to life or at least leave you ears burning with their new song ‘Glitches’. This song is featured on their new upcoming album Low Teens which is being released through Epitaph records and is available for pre-order now. Not only do the hardcore band have an upcoming album but they also have a UK tour in December which is quickly approaching where they are being supported by ’68 and Drug Church.

‘Glitches’ is relentless with the amount of raw aggressive energy and the power never stops. Here are 3 reasons why we think this song shows why we should be excited when Every Time I Die release their new album Low Teens.

  1. Melodic variation is a big factor in keeping a song interesting but this doesn’t necessarily happen. The verses are indistinguishable from the chorus in a fury filled rage of guttural screams and thrashing guitars. However an instrumental section takes your rapidly tapping foot by surprise where the tempo changes and twists the feel of the song to blind fury which fit the lyrics later of “don’t panic”.
  2. ‘Glitches’ is a fairly accurate term when it comes to the lyrical material of the song, words and phrases constantly contradict each which makes the impact of the song even greater.
  3. With creative and effective construction of melodic material this shows why we should be excited for Low Teens as their writing has just flourished.

Check out ‘Glitches’ below.

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