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Evarose Release New Video ‘Provoke Me’…So We Came Up With 5 Ways To Do Just That!

Please don’t hurt us!

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

Oxfordshire rockers Evarose are back! After a year squirrelled away writing an album full of brand new tracks, you can now hear and see the first of the fruits of their labour in ‘Provoke Me‘, the video for the first single from new album ‘Invisible Monsters‘, due out June 24th. Take a listen to and a goggle at the video below; but not before you’ve read our list of the five best ways we thought of provoking the band of possibly attacking us. Well, they did ask us to!

  1. Keep posting photos of onions on their Facebook wall. They love onions!
  2. Poke Dannika with a large, slightly pointy stick (make sure the stick is not too pointy though to avoid injury).
  3. Only refer to them by the name Ian at all times.
  4. Call Imogen late at night pretending to be a VCR repair man. (not after 11:30pm though. That’s just mean!)
  5. Ask any member what it’s like to be a girl in a rock band. Go on. They’ll love the originality!

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