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From 50 Shades of Grey to Twilight: Why Ellie Goulding is Queen of the Soundtrack

From 50 Shades of Grey to The Hunger Games – We’ve taken a look at Ellie Goulding’s soundtrack appearances and why she’s the perfect choice!

Source: Ellie Goulding Official Facebook Page

Ellie Goulding might just be Queen of the Soundtrack. By now you’re likely to have heard her latest single ‘Love Me Like You Do‘, a sweet ode that will probably become a lot less sweet when it will appear in the widely anticipated film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. This isn’t the first time the ‘Burn‘ singer has made an appearance on a soundtrack though, we’ve looked at the other soundtracks she’s lent her voice to and why she’s the perfect choice every time.


1. Bittersweet – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2
One of Ellie’s earlier soundtrack inputs was the electro-pop ‘Bittersweet‘, typical of Goulding’s repertoire. The track sees Ellie at her most experimental in terms of sound and vocals as she soars for those higher notes along to the echoey backdrop. Though you wouldn’t think it, the lyric video demonstrates how perfect the song is to mirror Bella and Edward’s final moments.


2. Hanging On (feat. Tinie Tempah) – The Host
Undoubtedly, ‘Hanging On‘ was one of The Host soundtrack’s highlights. Little known is that Ellie’s rendition is a cover of American recording artist Active Child. The track saw Ellie venture into a sound along the Dubstep route, perhaps due to the influence of then-boyfriend Skrillex. Though the song was a large step away from previous singles ‘Starry Eyed‘ and ‘Under The Sheets‘, it proved a sound worth exploring.


3. How Long Will I Love You – About Time
Whilst ‘Hanging On‘ may have taken on a different vibe, ‘How Long Will I Love You‘ took Ellie back to her roots. Originally sung by 90s rock band The Water Boys, Goulding’s ballad-like cover displays how songs are able to sway from genre to genre. The song featured on the soundtrack to About Time along with a separate version by Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman. Though About Time may have secured this one, we’re thinking this song would have been perfect for Love, Rosie which will make its debut the week before Valentine’s Day!


4. Mirror – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
In ‘Mirror’, Ellie sounds so ethereal she might as well be sitting on a cloud. At first the song starts tentatively and you might think, where’s Ellie’s inner Katniss? However when she sings “I was the girl who was on fire“, the beat truly kicks in. If there was a song for Peeta and Katniss’ relationship – it’s this.


5. Beating Heart – Divergent
In May of last year, Ellie added another soundtrack feature to her discography with ‘Beating Heart‘. Considering the song’s spacey feel it’s no surprise it made the soundtrack to Divergent, another dystopian movie. The song’s message focuses on people’s collisions, not physically but how people are bound to each other. If this song was released a few years earlier it would have definitely made the soundtrack for Stardust.


Is there a 2015 movie you’d like to see Ellie sing for? Let us know in the comments over where Ellie should head next!


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