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I Discovered My Puppy Falls Asleep To Rap Music!

For some reason my puppy dog – Winston – falls asleep when listening to rap albums!

Source: Josh Pratt

It’s been 3-4 weeks since my puppy dog Winston The Wheaten Terrier joined our family home. The joyful ball of terror has enough energy to fuel a small town and we are constantly reminded of that, but for some reason as soon as I play music he lies down and falls straight asleep. First I thought it was just a coincidence, but after casually testing this whilst working at home, I’ve figured out that rap music makes my puppy fall asleep.

It started when I played 2 Chainz recent TRU Jack City mixtape while Winston was running and wrestling with an empty plastic ginger beer bottle on the wooden floor. Within minutes he had fallen asleep on my bed whilst the Atlanta trap music rumbled through my speakers. I was surprised to find that Tity Boi was able to make my ‘Road Dog‘ fall asleep (sorry I know it’s a bad pun, but I had to do it).

By now my suspicions had taken over from my work. If I stop the music will Winston rise again? I was daring and I paused my music. With no music but only the taping sounds of the my keyboard and the slurping sounds of me drinking tea, I heard a yawn, but not a yawn of a human, but of a beast. As I turned around from my desk I saw that Winston had awoken. With his tail wagging and his dark nose sniffing, I knew he wanted one thing, to pee!

I carried him to the pee pads and hoped that as I ran down the stairs his bladder wouldn’t spontaneously explode. Thankfully I made it, but my troubles had only just begun as now this newly awoken puppy had energy to burn and sees me as his playful playmate.

As he drinks from his water bowl, I run back up stairs where I was able to pick another album. As I heard his barking at the bottom of the stairs the pressure of finding another Atlanta trap release on my iTunes was seeming too much. I heard the thumps of his puppy paws running up the stairs and I was able to pick Future’s mixtape Beast Mode just as the puppy beast entered my room. Within minutes he was a asleep again, I couldn’t believe that one moment he was uncontrollable, but the hard to understand words of Future had put Winston to sleep.

A week had passed, and by then Drake had released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which was brilliant timing as I could test whether or not Winston liked this new album. I set the scene, plastic ginger beer bottle for Winston to play with and iTunes loaded with Drake’s new mixtape. I press play and nothing, just a chewing noise from his razor sharp puppy teeth gnawing on the bottle. It took Drake’s track ‘6 God‘ for this wild wheaten terrier to fall asleep and I soon learnt that it’s something about the heavy trap beats that sends this puppy asleep.

I’m not going to lie, I thought I was a dog whisper as I later came up with a plan to play him Juicy J’s new mixtape Blue Dream & Lean 2 and he fell asleep straight away. I cracked the code, my puppy is a trap-puppy and I have no idea why or how, all I know is that he is! The only problem with this is that sometimes I need some music with substance and food for thought, but Winston just loves the strip club lifestyle.

Luckily for me Big Sean’s new album – Dark Sky Paradise – leaked and I was able to have a little listen. Somehow that little trouble maker Winston had sneaked out of the kitchen and ended up on my bed whilst I was listening to the album. Instantly he tried to nibble my fingers and lick my MacBook as he was craving my attention.

As if by magic, ‘Blessings‘ came on and he decided to lie down next to me, as I continued to listen he continued to sleep. Finally an album we were both agree on to listen on repeat, thank you Big Sean you’ve made a puppy and his owner very happy.

Say hello to Winston, he’s the Pratt family’s newest edition!

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