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Dear Beyonce…This Is What We Want To See On Your Formation World Tour!

Don’t let us down Bey!

Last Monday (7th January) Beyoncé joined Coldplay and Bruno Mars to perform at the Super Bowl 50 half time show but it was no surprise to anyone that she totally stole the limelight from everyone (including the game itself) thanks to her flawless performance. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the superstar also revealed details of her 2016 Formation World Tour. Er mer gerddd!

We can’t wait to watch Queen Bey perform in the UK again. Below are the few things we’re hoping to see! Don’t let us down Bey!

Classic Beyoncé songs

So it may be called The Formation World Tour, which suggests there’s a new album on the way, but no Beyoncé show would be complete without some of her biggest hits. We’ve all been there before; watching one of our favourite artists live, waiting for them to play that big hit of theirs that you still absolutely love. There is absolutely NOTHING more heartbreaking when all they do is play new material and don’t acknowledge the songs that made them the success they are today. NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t matter how amazing your most recent album is, people always want to hear those old classics. It’s the part of the show everyone in the audience will remember for years to come. Don’t be that person Bey, we all want to hear the likes of  ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Irreplaceable’ please, not just the new stuff!

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