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The Contortionist – Your New Favourite Band

Hit The Floor present to you, The Contortionist. Find out more about these ferocious new comers right here!

In a short amount of time, Indiana based progressive rock kings, The Contortionist have been cornering their audiences and engulfing them with their technically flawless and cinematic sounds, making it almost impossible not to love them and with such sharp, refreshing talent it’s no wonder that they’ve toured with a wide-ranging number of acts including Periphery, All Shall Perish and The Acacia Strain.

The band have also headlined the inaugural edition of the Summer Slaughter Survivors Tour. Their earliest self-released work remade the rules within emerging genres like “deathcore” and “djent” as they evolved beyond such pigeon holes.

The band teamed up with Ken Susi of Unearth for their driven debut, ‘Exoplanet’. With their second album, ‘Intrinsic,’ The Contortionist entrusted Eyal Levi of Daath and Job For A Cowboy, as well as Jason Suecof of Trivium and Devil Driver, to help them capture their immediately complex material, which shatters the boundaries of conventional heavy music. In their quietest, most ambient moments, the band is intimately melodic but alternately their heavy parts are as alarmingly bombastic as possible. Any listener paying close attention is likely to discover elements closely linked to Minus The Bear and Messugah. A cocktail of everything you love, sprinkled with new summits of detail and flare.

The Contortionist also continue to push boundaries not just in terms of production and technicality but in their song-writing abilities, basing their records on everything from deep space to neuroscience and all of their music captures these themes. They aren’t shredding for shredding’s sake. Each section of every song is rooted in logic, meaning and reason.

This ferocious five-piece have succeeded at creating intelligently tasteful metal that is as memorable and melodic as it is creative and dynamic.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be eagerly waiting on the edge of your seat for their latest record ‘Language’ to be released on September 16th. Better yet, go and check up on their previous releases and see for yourself just what we’re talking about.

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