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Collection Review: L.A.M.B. Spring 2014

Take a look at L.A.M.B.’s glorious Spring 2014 offering. You won’t be disappointed!


L.A.M.B. has become a serious contender in the fashion industry the last few years. Gwen Stefani’s line has exceeded it’s ‘celebrity line’ status and shown the world what it’s really made of. With the outfits based of Gwen’s personal fashion sense, who wouldn’t want to steal her style?!

The punk style that Stefani wears so well, took off last season and to L.A.M.B.’s delight it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The collection uses a menagerie of prints, from neutral Rorschach-inspired to classic black and white. With colours varying from ‘safety’ orange, pixelled blue to basic black, this collection lacks nothing.

A relaxed vibe echoes throughout the collection, from the chambray jumpsuit to the effortless maxi dresses to the drop-crotch trousers. The pieces are easy, slip-on’s but exude elegance and style. Many pieces are also structured architecturally, showing that L.A.M.B. is a force to be reckoned with as well as worldwide trendsetters.

The outstanding piece of the collection is a men’s style suit, but tailored for women making it sophisticated and elegant. With the collection toned down from previous offerings, Stefani shows the maturity and control that she has grown into as a designer.

As for accessories, there are a range of handbags, from mini to oversixed, clutches to backpacks. But the showstoppers have to be those heels! The sandals set the scene for Spring, but those closed back heels and paneled boots are definitely going on our Christmas list this year.

My favourite piece, the chambray jumpsuit, was the starting point for the brand’s Spring collection, as Stefani had come across a military jumpsuit at a flea market which had pockets and zips galore. “It was incredible,” she explained. “I love finding that one thing that gets me excited when starting a new season.”

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