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Collection Review: Agnona SS14

Collection Zero – when antique met abstract. More on Agnona SS14, here.


“You can forget everything you know about cycles and seasons, too – this isn’t spring/summer. It’s zero.” – ELLE. Collection Zero, a first under the watch of most recently appointed Stefano Pilati, exploits convention, ensnares nostalgia, and is scrawled in masculine influence. After a break from French fashion house Yves Saint Laurant, design and creative director of Agnona, Pilati, took influence for the collection from European art movement ‘Group ZERO’.


Born and cultivated alongside ideas of the abstract and flamboyant,  the collection became defined ‘against the grain’, exploring an ambiguity of root. Most strikingly, Collection Zero tore chunks from the conventional, showcasing the SS14 compilation with modesty via a pop-up store set up, each item on general sale. The collection is considered a ‘work in progress’, forming the first of many in a series of  wonderfully simplistic and categorically numbered collections.


Collection Zero has marched into the limelight, the confidence of modernity strapped with modest pride to its attributes. Despite 60 years matured, Agnona has proved of an importance to move with the times, stretching and bending the antique of the Agnona archives to meet an abstract, unsettled present.

Catalogue in style, the collection reaps the benefits of cashmeres, simplistic leathers, printed shifts and structured shaping, tied to no season, colour, or style. Our favourites, featured above, tantalized our tomboy, making us itch for the boyfriend styles, strict lines and length that winter has in store.  Its a capsule wardrobe for the cash-confident, the fullest of spectrum’s, and a sure hit whether it’s a me, myself, or I day.

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