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Chandeliers, Mirrors & Flashlights! Turns Out Household Objects Can Make The Greatest Songs

Sia, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran are just a few singers who’ve made iconic songs from the objects lying around our houses!

Source: All Artists' Official Facebook Pages

Source: All Artists’ Official Facebook Pages

The great thing about music is that the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with a vast array of sounds, but also a diverse range of subjects. These days you can make a song pretty much about anything, as proven by these musicians and their following masterpieces.

Sure they sing about the ordinary objects scattered around our houses, that to us, fulfill their everyday functions. However, they can also act as powerful metaphors, making the mundane very memorable. Read on for our top picks of the tracks that have made hits from the most basic of subject matter.

‘Chandelier’ – Sia

Before the release of ‘Chandelier’, Sia was a name we could rarely put a face to. Although it still is (referring to her recent performances in which she turns away from the stage), ‘Chandelier‘ was a groundbreaking moment for the star. It was the moment where she not only figuratively swung at us with a re-crafted sound, but it was also a moment where she finally hit it big, reaching the height of her career. Ironically she uses the chandelier, a giver of light, to showcase a darker side to her song writing in which she confesses to an addiction of partying and alcoholism. Boasting haunting and mystifying vocal soars, ‘Chandelier‘ certainly packed a punch and it only made us that more intrigued into a star that was really in the making.

‘Mirrors’ – Justin Timberlake 

If there’s an item in your bedroom that’s crying out for a song, it’s the mirror – an item of reflection and self clarity. However, JT takes the looking glass metaphor a step further by comparing a mirror to the love of his life, “It’s like you’re my mirror/My mirror staring back at me”. Rather than just make the music video a simple serenade to wife Jessica Biel, Timberlake dedicates the track to ‘William & Sadie’, his grandparents, as well as commemorating their sixty years of marriage. Aspirations much?

‘Telephone’ ft. Beyoncé – Lady Gaga 

One of the most exciting and significant vocal events of 2010 just has to be ‘Telephone’ – a banger of a hit that brought two forces together, Lady Gaga and Queen Bee. A line that sums up the song entirely reads, “It’s my favourite song they’re gonna play/And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh?” With this release, Gaga told E of the song’s bigger picture, “America is full of young people that are inundated with information and technology…that was more of a commentary on the kind of country that we are.” Of course the video message doesn’t fit the brief – it is Lady Gaga after all, but you can’t blame her for bringing up an issue that rings very true as the years continue to pass by.

‘Flashlight’ – Jessie J

Who needs a flashlight when you’ve got your best friend? This seems to be the message Jessie J is trying to portray in her latest track, and whilst probably ineffective if you’re cave-mining or exploring the dark depths of your attic, you can’t fault her on the sweet message, “I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight/Getting me, getting me through the night“. You may have also heard the track in this year’s Pitch Perfect 2, sung by actress Hailee Steinfeld, and later by the Barden Bellas in their final showstopper performance.

Fun Fact: You might be surprised to hear that two of its songwriters include Sia and Sam Smith alongside Christian Guzman and Jason Moore.

‘Mouthwash’ – Kate Nash

Don’t kid yourself, it was always going to happen. A song that pays tribute to the wonderful invention that is mouthwash. So the line is, “I use mouthwash/Sometimes I floss” but is Nash really chanting about her morning routine? The answer is yes! She has freckles, she has a thousand opinions and she drinks cups of tea. Nash simply relays the trivialities of her lifestyle to perhaps show that, despite the glitzy lifestyle we think pop stars have, they’re just your average mouth-washing human.

‘Photograph’ – Ed Sheeran

If we’re being honest, Ed could easily sing “You’ve left me so cold like a refrigerator” and we’d probably buy into it, but fear not, Ed has not graced us with a song about our favourite cooling appliance. Instead, there’s ‘Photograph‘. It’s often said that a photograph tells a thousand words and Ed certainly seems to agree, “We keep this love in a photograph/We made these memories for ourselves“. To evoke the endearing message of capturing those cherished moments, the music video sees a montage of home-made clips showing the singer’s youth. Little did his parents know how much these precious clips would come in handy.

‘Perfume’ – Britney Spears

It was only a matter of time until Britney Spears released a track about perfume, she’s already made 18 fragrances! Whilst ‘Perfume‘ did eventually become a platform to promote Spears’ latest scent, its lyrics veer in another direction. Co-written by Sia (who clearly loves her object metaphors) as well Christopher Braide and Britney herself, the perfume becomes more than just a bottle sitting comfortably on the dressing table. Three’s a crowd in Britney’s relationship and she’s purposely using her perfume as a way to mark her territory, warning the other lover in the shadows of their forbidden presence in the relationship. The messages you can pull out of an simple bottle ey?

‘Umbrella’ ft. Jay Z – Rihanna

The most iconic of the lot which you probably guessed, comes from Rihanna with ‘Umbrella‘. Of course an umbrella acts a form of protection from the rain, but Rihanna takes this message one step further and tells her beau, “Now that it’s raining more than ever/Know that we’ll still have each other/You can stand under my umbrella.” Quite sweet really. Clearly a lot people thought so too when the song reigned the number one spot on UK Charts for a mind-blowing 10 weeks back in 2007.  Just so you know though, if you’re ever looking an alternative use for your brolly, you can use it to dance like RiRi in the music video – we’re sure you’ll look just as good, honestly!

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