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Blood Youth – Download Ones To Watch 2015 Edition!

With Download sneaking closer and closer, our next band to check out is the brand new Blood Youth!

Source: Official Facebook / Grant Macdonald Media

Source: Official Facebook / Grant Macdonald Media

Possibly one of the newest bands we’re covering in our Download Festival previews, Blood Youth have recently reinvented themselves, and come out all guns blazing. Not much is known about the band as of yet, having only released the two tracks, but the buzz surrounding them is really quite large already, and the tracks we have heard are already pointing in the right direct to a fantastic melodic hardcore band.

Attempting to take the UK by storm already, Blood Youth are already taking in the UK festival scene. Having already played Furyfest, and also signed up for this year’s absolutely incredible Hevy Fest line-up, the band is certainly going to be turning a fair few heads along the way. You also won’t have to wait long for their next big UK tour, as July sees them touring with Trash Boat, coincidentally another of our Download Festival featured bands.

Sometimes it can be tough to determine a band purely on the basis of two tracks, but you haven’t seen me dissect two tracks like I have. The first released was ‘Cold Sweat’ and is literally the first taste of the band that we could have, and instantly, like a vampire’s first kill, we were out looking for more. The track is fantastically hardcore, yet at the same time keeps that hint of melody to make the track recognisable and ultimately addictive. The drum beat is steady and beating keep the tracking moving along at a steady page, but the guitars are what really set it apart from other melodic hardcore bands at the moment, it’s been too long since we’ve had a succulent guitar solo in modern music.

The latest, and by latest we literally mean in the last two days, track from Blood Youth comes in the form of ‘Failure’ and takes every positive from ‘Cold Sweat’ and really turns it to the extreme. The guitars are melodic enough, but suit the overall music so perfectly, the chorus will stick in your head for hours afterwards, and again that guitar work, ooft. Often as well, the unclean vocals can become lost and a bit of a blur, but here vocalist Kaya Tarsus manages to make them as memorable the clean vocals.

Like we’ve already said, there’s not much out there for Blood Youth at the moment, but their debut EP, Inside My Head is due for release next month, just after Download, so you can use their set at this year’s festival as a taste for what’s to come, to determine whether or not you want to part with your hard earned cash. Well… From what we’ve heard so far, that decision won’t be hard to make and you’ll be clawing to get at it. As a final point, and this maybe something of a personal reason why I have been drawn to them, but the cover of their upcoming EP reminds me heavily of 80s sci-fi, and more recently the video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and that came out to unanimous plaudits, just food for thought.

Release to own: Inside My Head
Tracks to listen to:Cold Sweat’ and ‘Failure

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