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5 Kids Toy Stop-Motion Animations You Should Check Out!

We check out some awesome toy based stop-motion short-films. See which were our favourites here!

Source: Screenshot / Youtube

It’s been said for ages that patience is a virtue, and that’s particularly true when it comes to the painstaking work that goes along with creating stop-motion (or stop-frame) animation. Basically, it requires the film maker, and their team, to move the objects piece by piece taking shots of each frame. There are also some who prefer to do this by using photographs, which can create a flip book-like effect for the viewer. However they go about making their creation, it is without a doubt a grueling and time-consuming process.

Being fans of the art, HTF have gathered five of our favourite stop-motion films that use toys from our past. Get ready to feel 5 years old again; especially if you played with LEGO or happen to love the Toy Story movies.

Check out the videos below and head to WikiHow for a five-step guide for creating your own stop-motion animation.


First, here’s a feature from Counter666, who used a few memorable figurines from the Toy Story films in addition to a certain metallic superhero.



Next up is the “Extraordinary Toys” video, which is actually a mixture of both live action and stop motion. It was created by Toby Dale, who wanted to make the audience feel young again and shared it through the YouTube channel hosted by gaming hub InterCasino.



It’s not totally clear who put this one together, but it’s a clever take on the LEGO approach we’ve already seen. They decided to showcase the building of a Millennium Falcon, which sounds boring on paper but comes to life through creativity and wit.



Similar to the ‘Extraordinary Toys clip’, this one from Lozaus deftly combines live action and stop motion. It also includes plenty of humour and karate in its narrative, which stretches across several other videos. This one definitely stood out as the best of the bunch.



Patrick Boivin does a lot of stop-motion videos—seriously just look at his YouTube profile page—but this one stood out because of its absurdity and relevance. As someone who’s wanted more from the Transformers films, this (kind of) fills that void with a silly fight between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, with the latter somehow beating his gigantic kin in the battle.

Do you have any personal favourites stop-motion films? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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