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The Best, Most Hilarious Pop Artists To Follow On Twitter

Source: Facebook

Troye Sivan

Happy Little Pill‘ star Troye Sivan ends our list. Originally starting his career as a Youtube vlogger, having a sense of humour has helped Troye break into the music scene thanks to his network of fans.

Speaking of pills, Troye comes up with the best hypothetical drug (and should totally be made a thing):

That made you hungry? Let’s move on to that dreaded (blue and black/white and gold) dress that broke the internet. Whilst we were tearing out our hair in our decision-making, what was Troye’s reaction?

Finally, you feel like he really understands you, particularly when you feel at your most visually vulnerable:


So our list has come to its end! Make sure you give these acts a follow and if you have your own favourite musical tweeters, comment below as we’d love to hear your own choices.

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