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The Best, Most Hilarious Pop Artists To Follow On Twitter

James Blunt

His vocals may be light and fragile, but when it comes to humour, James Blunt is sharper than ever. Though the musician’s total tweet count stands below the 1000 mark, he’s still been able to garner over a million followers, but how?

Well, it’s always a good trait to be able to make fun of yourself and James knows about this all too well:

It seems his fans are laughing along with him, just look at his popular response to a tweeter’s bewilderment at his hefty following:

Anyone thinking that the singer would make a great guest on Jimmy Kimmel’sCelebrities Read Mean Tweets‘ segment? Another prime example is his response to another fellow tweeter:

If you’re looking for a singer with some pretty decent comebacks, James Blunt is your man.

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