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The Best, Most Hilarious Pop Artists To Follow On Twitter

They might be in the land of stardom, but thanks to Twitter, we now have access to what our favourite musicians are doing on the daily. Sometimes they’ll post a selfie, they’ll converse with a fellow celeb, or even make a light-hearted joke or two that makes us love them even more. If your Twitter feed is seeming a bit humourless, take our recommendations for the best musicians you need to be following.


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She’s outspoken, completely badass, and knows how to churn out a hit – it’s Lorde. So why should you follow this Pure Heroine?

Well, just because she’s a superstar doesn’t mean she’s any less human. In fact, Lorde is just like us,

We feel you Lorde. Additionally, though she may have released a track called ‘Royals‘, we feel Lorde should name a track ‘Loyals’, a song that would totally summarise her as a friend. When Diplo thought it’d be cool to tweet about Taylor Swift apparently needing a booty, in true Lordian style, the New Zealand songstress had the best comeback:

She was also blessed with the humour gene. Not only does Lorde join us in the universal love of cheese, she also gets involved in wanting to eat fancily, what’s a plate of food if you can’t instagram it in all its culinary complexity?

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