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Bands That We Think Should Have Their Own Musical By Now

With already some great rock musical, here is a look at which bands have material that lend themselves perfectly to make a musical.

There have been so many creations of musicals based on a certain bands repertoire or a collaborational mish mash of a variety of songs which have some sort of storyline. Some of these creations include ‘American Idiot’ based upon the music of Green Day, ‘Our House’ born from the music of Madness and much to my dismay we discovered there was a musical based on the music of Take That. Here is a look at which music by bands lends itself perfectly to be able to create a musical. 

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

Bon Jovi

There are so many other bands who deserve a musical some material lends perfectly to create some sort of farfetched or lost love story line which always works well. Just imagine the chemistry of the two characters ‘Tommy and Gina’ I hope you guessed it, coming soon in our dreams ‘Living On A Prayer’ the musical. Glam rock band Bon Jovi’s material lends perfectly to a story of lost love between Tommy and Gina as they try to create their lives together – Cue ‘It’s My Life’ – nothing can stop them whilst they’re together – ‘Living On A prayer’ – then time for the argument – ‘You give love a bad name’ – and the breakup – ‘Always’ – and then the predictable conclusion you may have expected of them getting back together.

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