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Rock A-Z- C Is For Chthonic

The alphabet has never been so metal! Say hello to Chthonic!

C-Is-For-ChthonicFollowing their recent appearance at Download Festival Рto which they brought along a youth orchestra to help them out Рthe metal world has been hyping about Chthonic! The Taiwanese mob is making waves with their fresh blend of oriental rock and folklore, which is demonstrated perfectly on their seventh album B̼-Tik. With a strong message, creative drive and passion for what they do, Chthonic are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


To complement their interesting and mythical lyrics, the band incorporates plenty of stringed instruments into their song writing – usually of an Asian origin – which makes for unique listening and a sound that we rock lovers at HTF can’t get enough of! If for some crazy reason you haven’t already fallen in love with these guys (and girl), we recommend that you definitely check out their latest single Supreme Pain for the Tyrant. Summing up everything the band is about, the single is accompanied by a fantastic, politically charged music video, which can be seen below!

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