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Back In Black: Our Top 7 Bands From The Dark Side

Black is back and taking over the UK Rock scene, so we picked 7 of our favourite acts for you to indulge your darker side. Take a look inside, if you dare…

Source: Deviant Art - thelastsamu

Source: Deviant Art – thelastsamu

2015 has seen the return of bands in black back on the UK’s alternative music scene, meaning everyone can pull out their skinny jeans and eye-liner once more (if you ever stopped that is… Certain members of the MOSH team may be guilty of that one!) So, with the creation of the term ‘New Grave’ and this resurgence of the darker side, we bring you 7 bands that you need to hear to indulge the goff (no, that’s not a spelling mistake) within you!

Solace In Nightmares

The first in our bands on this list is fronted by none other than Mr. Luke Lucas, somewhat of a celebrity in his own right, achieving notoriety with his previous work with The Dead Lay Waiting. Well, the dead stopped waiting and all wondered off, revealing S.I.N, a band who were their angst on their sleeve and their eyeliner halfway down their faces if this video is anything to go by. Dark, gripping and strangely sophisticated, these guys may still be in their early days, but can still count an ever growing fanbase of devoted listeners. Let’s all just wait and see what comes next, because if this is anything to go by, it’s going to be big.

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