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A-Z Of Rock Albums: Enema of the State – blink-182

Enema of the State introduced blink-182 to the pop-punk world, and that’s why we’re including it in our A-Z of Rock Albums! Read what we thought here.

Source: Official album artwork

Source: Official album artwork

We all know blink-182 for the piss-taking pop-punkers that they are, but Enema of the State was the album where that reputation all began. Released in 1999, in the wake of the huge pop-punk revival, Enema of the State saw these three kids from San Diego become MTV megastars. Full of teenage lyrics, pop-punk riffs and cheeky music videos, Enema of the State saw the trio produce potentially their most famous album to date.

All the Small Things’, ‘What’s My Age Again?’ and ‘Adam’s Song’ were the album’s lead singles, with the first two becoming more successful than anyone could have imagined. They spread like wildfire, venturing into mainstream radio, chart-topping and international success, while the gentler ‘Adam’s Song’ showed a more mature side to the band- if only for four minutes! But it wasn’t just the songs that made Enema of the State quite so popular, with their hilarious music videos and insane live shows serving only to increase their status as pop-punk royalty. As if you needed any more proof, when the band returned from their four-year hiatus in 2009, fans were still begging to hear their Enema of the State favourites a decade after its release.

Listen to: Aliens Exist, The Party Song, Anthem

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