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A Happy Reunion: The Top Bands We’re Actually Glad Came Back

With the Brokencyde reunion making big news in the rock world (but not for the right reasons), we came up with our top band reunions! Find out who we picked.

Fall out Boy

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After the announcement of the return of Brokencyde  (Is there no God?! What did we do to deserve such punishment?!), MOSH’s assistant editor Jamie Hampshire took it upon himself to discuss how much the reunion in question REALLY (we simply cannot emphasise this enough) did not need to happen (which seems to have turned out to be the general consensus of a majority of anyone who heard the news and indeed knew who the hell they were in the first place). However, it got us scratching at our heads and pondering what artists we’ve been glad to make a come back from either full on break-ups or the longest of long hiatuses. Here’s our top four.

1. Aiden

Remember 2006? It was a simpler time. My Chemical Romance were still together, fringes covered a single (make up coated) eye of all the little boys and girls in skin tight black jeans, Give It A Name Festival was a major event and the songs that made up Aiden’s debut album Nightmare Anatomy could be heard in every magazine-poster coated bedroom throughout the world. So, with a reunion (of sorts) that recently kicked off with a weekend of support dates for Black Veil Brides and a full US Tour, will 2015 be the year that every rocker in their late twenties will get out the eyeliner once more? We sure hope so.

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