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8 Nerdy Colouring Books For Adults

Colouring’s not just for kids anymore, y’know!

We are currently living in a world where colouring books are no longer just for children. Adults have found that these nifty little books offer a nice break from our overwhelming time in front of screens. They have proven to be both therapeutic and relaxing, but are colouring books really fun after a while? How many times can you colour in a butterfly or a mandala before you just give up and browse your Instagram feed again?

For adults who are looking for a little more nerdy spice in their colouring book life, there is an array of themed colouring books available, from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Here is a list of the best nerdy colouring books around!

Source: Official Book Cover

Source: Book Cover / Ian Miller

1. Tolkein’s World: A Colouring Book
Create your own version of Tolkein’s Middle-earth in this mystical colouring book. You can spend hours colouring in the detailed landscapes and magical creatures. Want to make Gandalf the Grey‘s beard rainbow-coloured? Go for it.

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