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8 Albums We’d Like To See Performed In Their Entirety

We just want to rock out… we also just want to hear albums played in full… is that so wrong?! Here are 8 albums Mosh would like to see performed in their entirety!

13444018_10157241597325495_266641375_nIt’s pretty upsetting when you go to a concert and the band don’t play any of the songs you really want to hear. What’s even more upsetting is when all your favourite songs are on an album that they don’t play anymore. Literal first world problems.

Don’t you just wish that there was some sort of voting system you could take part in before a gig to decided which album the band should play? How good would that be?!

But, sadly, since that is nothing more than a (really rad) dream, we decided to make a list of some of the awesome albums we’d love to hear played in full right now!

Side note: if any of the bands are reading this, please do your old pals at Mosh a favour and play the album of our choice. We’ll love you forever 

Take This To Your GraveFall Out Boy

This pop punk masterpiece is jam-packed with hyperactive, punchy melodies and cheeky, clever lyrics—and like most pop punk songs of the time, the titles are unnecessarily long and most probably pop culture references! We wish FOB would just suck it up and play us this angsty teenage dream of an album! Let’s call it a gesture of goodwill considering they put us all through that whole hiatus thing!

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