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7 Things We Loved About 2000trees That Weren’t The Headliners

Check out our highlights of 2000trees festival’s 10th year here!

Source: 2000trees Twitter

Source: 2000trees Twitter

2000trees celebrated it's 10th birthday this year with an all-out extravaganza in it's usual Cotswolds location on Upcote Farm. For the uninitiated, 2000trees is a festival for new and underground rock music with a capacity of 5,000 revellers. This year, it took place between the 7th and 9th July, and we got our hands on a VIP Camping ticket to go and see what it was all about. Turns out it's amazing and is certainly this author's favourite festival on the calendar.

Headlined by The Bronx, Twin Atlantic and Refused, the 10th bithday of 2000trees (or Trees X as it was also known) was utterly perfect, not least because of the work of the great names at the top of the bill. But they were the headliners - of course they were going to be phenomenal and they really truly were. The Bronx destroyed The Cave, Twin Atlantic got everyone feeling good and positive and Refused just came to party, but there's more to a festival than headliners. Here are our top 7 things at 2000trees that made it so great. 

2: The Forest Sessions

2000trees is out in the Cotswolds on Upcote Farm, and as if that isn’t enough indication you’re going to be surrounded by greenery, they even went ahead and named the festival after the forestation. And within those trees is the Forest stage, a small and simple pyramid surrounded by hay bales and hammocks. Here, you can catch the likes of Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Itch from The King Blues and Dave Mcpherson of InMe playing stripped back and acoustic renditions of their best tracks, away from the hustle and bustle of the main festival site. Because of this, there’s no barrier, so you can get up nice and close to the artists and expect a conversation or two to break out between the front few rows and the musician on stage. Again, the feeling of  community that comes from a small group of like-minded festival-goers really shines through and makes the overall experience that much more enjoyable whilst belting out your favourite tunes.

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