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7 Reasons Why Kiss Fans Would Make Perfect American Apparel Models

In typical HTF fashion we’ve decided to take inspiration from two high-hitting articles and come up with a list of 7 reasons why Kiss fans would make perfect American Apparel models. Bare with us… it’s not as strange as it sounds.

Source: KISS 40 Album Art

Lets face it, as journalists we all make mistakes. From attempting an interview after a few too many drinks, to getting the support band’s name wrong in a live review, just like many of you, us lot at Hit The Floor are far from perfect. Recently one of our writers Mikey Baird, came under scrutiny for his review of Kiss’ greatest hits album, Kiss 40.

With the review being littered in mistakes, ironically it quickly became one of Hit The Floor’s highest hitting articles, where Kiss fans were more than eager to share their outraged thoughts.

Another one of our articles which made headlines this month was A Fashion Campaign or Porno? 5 Controversial American Apparel Adverts. Doing more than rattle a few cages, the article quickly caught the attention of fashion-fans, some of whom agreed AA’s advertising was simply too much and others who were all for it.

In typical HTF fashion we’ve decided to take inspiration from both these articles and come up with a list of 7 reasons why Kiss fans would make perfect American Apparel models. Bare with us… it’s not as strange as it sounds.

They’re state-savvy.

Let’s start with the obvious. Judging from the comments we received on the review, Kiss fans know America pretty well. Better than Mikey at least. From Detroit to New York City, they’re state-savvy so what better brand to model for than one of America’s most iconic and infamous clothing labels?


 They’re au natural.

Just like American Apparel’s anti Photoshop policy, Kiss fans are eager to share their thoughts about makeup. Jim here took note of the fan bands ‘au natural’ look period – one which we’re sure American Apparel will dig.


They accessorise.

If you really want to be a model an au natural look isn’t enough. Luckily Kev’s clued up on the do’s and don’t’s of the fashion industry and pointed out to the team that Kiss fans know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to accessorising. Don’t worry Kev, Mikey’s returned his badge.


They go against the mainstream.

Similar to the clothing brand, Kiss fans like to go against the mainstream. Giving praise to a 5 star review isn’t enough for this fan base, instead they’ve resorted to going against the norm and giving the article a heavy dose of backlash. But isn’t that what American Apparel do all the time with their outlandish, somewhat controversial, advertising? Chill People, thank you for pointing out the obvious, you’re more than welcome to come in the office for a few beers.


 They can advertise.

We particularly like Joe’s use of ‘’ here and felt it gave the slander a mildly polite touch. From a business point of view, the team can’t help think that if he were to model for American Apparel, the frequent use of ‘Hey’ would be massively beneficial to the company. After all who doesn’t want free advertising?


They’re feisty.

Whether it’s pornstar Sasha Grey they’re hiring, or a 60 year old model, American Apparel are known for their feisty attitude and bold brash decisions when it comes to upcoming campaign stars. We feel Kiss fans have the exact qualities the clothing label is looking for. Case in question: Dewey, who cunningly insulted both Mikey’s job and family. Kudos to you.


They have style icons.

Every fashionista has a style icon right? Luckily for Kiss fans when it comes to their pouting and posing they’ve got Gene Simmons to look up to. Hey maybe American Apparel could even do a campaign collaboration with him? Now wouldn’t that be a way of bringing together the best of both worlds?

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