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7 Pop Duets That Slipped Under the Radar

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Source: All Artists Official Facebook Pages

Pop artists are always looking to keep their fans happy – sometimes they release an unexpected new single, or maybe they change their musical direction. A common way of keeping it fresh is by collaborating with a fellow music act. Duets take many forms, they allow artists to engage in sultry romance ballads, sometimes two divas may come together for a chart-topping power anthem, or they marry two contrasting genres which can make a song either fly or fall flat on its face.
We take a look at some big name duets that somehow have failed to either make an impact or have never reached a wider audience. Read on to see who made our list.


1. Chris Brown (feat. Ariana Grande) – ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’

Allegedly meant to be one of Chris Brown’s leading singles from X, the low-key dance number ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long‘ featuring Ariana Grande was postponed due to Brown’s prison sentence after breaking out of his rehab facility. Despite fans continuously waiting, the song was shelved and never saw the light of day, even after Brown’s release. Even though the album does feature the track, Ariana’s tender vocals are wrongly replaced and the harmonies just aren’t the same.


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