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5 Things To Expect From A Mos Def Show

With his upcoming UK live shows to celebrate 15 years of the classic album ‘Black On Both Sides’, we have put together all the things you can expect from a Mos Def show. Check it out.

2. Classic Hip Hop
There is not much too say about this one. It’s a classic album. It is always going to be a classic show, especially when it’s a tour dedicated to this 70 minute beauty. However, there is a tiny bit more to it than just that. Mos Def has so many of the attributes of a classic hip hop artist surrounding his career. With the boom bap New York feel to it, the sampling, his first album arguably being his best and being released in the 90’s (1999, just!), his lyrics and simply his message. Politics and social commentary aside, he just adores real hip hop. Famously once quoted “Hip hop is the last true folk art.”

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