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5 Songs One Direction Must Perform On Their UK Tour

If they don’t play these we will be mad!

One Direction

Source: Official Facebook Page / Website

The waiting is nearly over, One Direction kick off their UK tour next week!

Seeing as unfortunately this could be the last time we’re going to be seeing the 1D lads for a while – with them set to sadly part ways for a year in March 2016 – our expectations are set pretty high. While we, like every other teenage girl, would like to see them perform every song they’ve ever written, we sadly know that’s not possible.

So, with some difficulty, we’ve managed to narrow it down to the top 5 tracks we reckon they MUST sing. Let us know if you agree…

1. Best Song Ever

The title of this song says it all. Not only does the track remind us all of their record-breaking film, but the video created such a buzz when it was released that it broke the Vevo 24-hour record! If it’s not on the set list then there will be a lot of disappointed fans and let’s hope they re-inact the exact dance moves from the video too!

2. Drag Me Down 

The most recent track from the guys, where they prove how Zayn leaving is definitely not slowing them down. Without a doubt it’s one of the  catchiest pop tunes of summer 2015 and we can just see everyone in the crowd singing along word for word!

3. Live While We’re Young

What better song to help sum up and celebrate what being young is all about! Such a feel good cheeky track that helps to put anyone in a good mood! As the song lyrics go, let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy… and somehow we have a feeling that’s just what their fans are going to do when this song is played!

4. Midnight Memories 

This track is all about memories and One Direction have certainly provided their fans with countless highlights over the years. It’s the track that saw the band show off their more rockier side, which makes us know that it’s going to be even better when performed live. And how many of you will be singing along to it in an Addison Lee taxi on the way home?!

5. What Makes You Beautiful 

It’s the infectious track that started it all – the first song that One Direction ever released, captivating millions of girls into falling instantly love with them, propelling the band into stardom, and helping them to an incredibly strong and loyal fan base for the years to come. Technically they owe most of their success to this song, so missing this out of their set list would just be rude!

Well that’s the five songs we’re hoping that One Direction will perform…don’t let us down lads.

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