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5 Reasons Why The Lounge Kittens Have A Great Kitten Lounge

With a new video release we can’t get enough of the Kitten Lounge.

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

The Lounge Kittens have now released the much anticipated video for their fantastic spin on Toto’s ‘Africa’. Although ‘Africa’ was one of the first songs that The Kittens arranged for their edgy harmonious voices and is performed regularly, the version they are including on their new album Sequins and C Bombs is is a reworked and revamped. Their vocals are chilling to the bone because of the sheer passion, emotion and feeling that they put into the words and plus the notes they can hit both low and high and of course in between is done with pure soul and clarity. ‘Africa’ gives us a very small glimpse at what is going to be included on The Kittens new album Sequins And C Bombs and leaves us biting our nails and scratching the furniture waiting for it to be released in September.

The video which accompanies the song is humorous and very down to earth as the footage is taken from The Kittens behind the scenes footage of life in the studio and how they go about recording a track. Here you don’t just get to see The Kittens having a great time but also the great space they get to record in. Here is what we think are the 5 top things about their studio. 

  1. Fairy lights and dangling balls – Nothing livens up the place like twinkling fairy lights and balls hanging from a string, the balls especially something to get your claws into or bat around the room, but pinned to the wall works just fine.
    Source: Screenshot

    Source: Screenshot

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