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5 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Taylor Swift On Tumblr!

Taylor Swift is slaying on Tumblr, if you needed reasons for following her, then we’ve got it covered!

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If you don’t follow Taylor Swift on Tumblr, then you are seriously missing out. It’s a window inside her world, much more than she ever reveals on Twitter and Instagram.

If you need any reasons to be persuaded to start following her, other than the fact that she’s Taylor Swift, then we’ve got it covered…

1. She shows off her celeb besties

Taylor’s got a long list of celeb besties, with her ‘Bad Blood’ music video being of that. She’s constantly uploading pictures with her a-list friends online, to let us know what she’s getting up to! From hanging out on a yacht in Hawaii with Haim to late night text conversations with Ed Sheeran, Swiftie knows how to make us jealous!

2. You get all the cat selfies you could ever want. 

When Taylor told the world she was learning how to use Tumblr, the post that followed didn’t disappoint. It was a selfie with her cat Olivia, and we’re very pleased to see that the cat posts have continued to be a regular occurrence.

3. She appreciates her fans 

Taylor is one of the rare celebs who actually makes the time to interact and reply with her fans. From congratulating them on their college achievements, sharing break-up playlists with them, to even correcting their grammar, Taylor knows how to make her fans feel loved and appreciated!

4. She shares her baking recipes!

It’s no secret that Taylor’s an avid baker, regularly uploading pics of her cooking, again with her a-list pals, and she even made time to share some recipes with her fans! Who else is going to try making these Chai sugar cookies?! Cause the bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake…

5. She has a sense of humour! 

One thing we love about Taylor, is that she knows how to take a joke and make fun of herself. From dancing gifs of herself, to making fun of the paparazzi, Taylor certainly has a good sense of humour!

Well it looks like Swiftie is not only the queen of pop, but also the queen of social media! Have you got a favourite Taylor Swift tumblr post? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re not following her yet, why ever not? Do it now by clicking here!

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