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5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Gerard Way’s Solo Album

As Gerard Way speaks out in a recent video interview about his new album, we think up the top five reasons why we just can’t wait to hear his solo debut!

Credit: Official Twitter Page

Credit: Official Twitter Page

Gerard Way has spoken out in a recent video interview with about the My Chemical Romance split, his new solo project and some of his biggest musical influences.

In the 2:53 minute video, Gerard Way speaks about the sudden split of My Chemical Romance in 2013: “There’s people that understand it and there’s people that don’t understand it,” the singer begins. He goes on to say, “I never saw My Chemical Romance going past The Black Parade.

However, Gerard Way also looks forward to his upcoming solo debut, saying: “I started to kind of plan out what a solo career would be like,” He then continues to speak about artists that have influenced his new music, “I definitely thought of the artists that I loved, like Nick Cave, Morrissey, Brian Eno, especially those early glammy records. Bowie, Iggy, all those people.”

It’s not a concept record, it’s definitely not high concept at all, and that’s new for me.”

With all that in mind, we’re really looking forward to finding out more about the new album, so here are five reasons we just can’t wait to hear Gerard Way’s very first solo album!

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