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5 Misheard Hip-Hop Lyrics From Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake & More

Ever thought that Jay Z, Kanye West or Drake said something weird in a song? You’re not alone, we’ve put together a top 5 list of misheard hip-hop lyrics!

Chief Keef – I Don’t Like

Chief Keef, otherwise known as Keith Cozart, is a Chicago-born rapper who became noticed by Kanye West after the release of three successful mixtapes and YouTube videos.

After his signing to Interscope Records, he was rewarded with his own record label Glory Boyz Entertainment, which he has used to sign some of his friends. Despite only being 18, the only way is up for Chief Keef. However, a lyric in the mixtape that caught Kanye’s attention seems a little off. It sounds like Keef says:

“A fart, n*gga, that’s that shit I don’t like.”

I mean, I think it is fair to suggest that most people would agree with Chief Keef’s statement. But in fact, he isn’t saying that he dislikes flatulence. The actual lyrics are:

A fuck n*gga that’s that shit I don’t like.

A ‘fuck nigga’ is listed by the urban dictionary as being an alternative word for a ‘pussy’ or someone with no backbone. So actually, Keef is saying that he doesn’t like drips…not farts. Or both.

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