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5 Of Jay- Z’s Biggest Problems

We decided to narrow down Jay- Z’s, ’99 Problems’, to just 5 of his biggest in life! Click here to find out which problems made the list.

1. Solange attack

The most recent of Jay- Z’s problems, and indeed the problem which sparked the creation of this article, is the CCTV footage of Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles attacking him after the MET Gala, and so it only felt right that we should put this down as Jay- Z’s biggest problem to date.

The bare details of the story as is apparent from the leaked CCTV footage which has since gone viral, is that Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange (along with some of their personel), had just stepped out of an elevator when Solange appears to begin mouthing off to the rapper before slapping him acoross the face and then being pulled away by Jay- Z’s bodyguard.

There are various speculations by the International press about what it was that sparked the attack.  The Daily Mail claimed that the attack occurred because Jay- Z had gotten to close to Rachel Roy– a designer who had been in attendance at the Gala. Other publications such as The Huffington Post have claimed that Solange belived that Jay- Z was getting to close to singer, Rhiana, and wanted to attend her MET Gala afterparty without Beyonce and Solange.  Other rumours are also that the pair just had a simple disagreement after one to many drinks, and the attack by Solange was just the result.

Whatever the cause, it has been one hell of a problem for Jay- Z with rumours sprouting up left, right and centre, including his faithenss to Beyonce being questioned.  We can certainly understand how that might piss off the guy.

So, that’s us.  Those are what we believe to have been, and remain, Jay-Z’s absolute biggest problems in life.

Do you agree with us? disagree? Or have we missed out any vital others? Let us know in the comments box below.

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