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5 Of Jay- Z’s Biggest Problems

We decided to narrow down Jay- Z’s, ’99 Problems’, to just 5 of his biggest in life! Click here to find out which problems made the list.

4. Paparazzi

Jay- Z’s paparrazi problem is highlighted in the song ‘Holy Grail’ taken from his Magna Carter album. With the lines, “Can’t even take my daughter for a walk, see ’em by the corner store, I feel like I’m cornered off”, Jay- Z hints that the paparazzi are having a serious effect on his life.

During a visit to Croatia by the rapper and his wife Beyonce, the rapper’s bodyguard fought back against the camera’s by shoving back one photographer before tossing his equipment into the water and sailing away while flipping off the guy.

With the rapper’s bodyguard acting in such a manner, it is clear that the paprazzi make regular apperances in Jay’s life, and for the rapper to highlight in one of his own songs the vulnerability that he feels towards them- the paparazzi definitely seem to be one the biigger problems in Jay- Z’s life.

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